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Introductions first

What is Changepen?

Changepen is a payroll management platform, that overlays your existing payroll software providing the tools needed to better manage your payroll.  Our platform gives your team time back, as we take care of the data collection and data processing.

We provide you with full visibility of every payroll, anytime, anywhere.

We are your one-stop-payroll-shop.

Improve efficiency and accuracy

Current payroll processes are dated ...

… manual and carry risk.  Here is how Changepen eliminates these:

  • Pay changes: Submit all changes through Changepen, at any time. Fully audited, always know who changed what and when.
  • Payroll schedule: Keeping everyone on-track to get payroll delivered on-time. Plus, get setup in under 1 minute.
  • Emails: No more. Communicate via our Message Hub. GDPR compliant, plus a full history.
  • Payroll queries: Centralise all payroll queries using Query Hub. Setup SLAs, and always see what's open.


What's under the bonnet?

Payroll Overview

Instant overview of every payroll, highlighting what needs attention.

Messaging Hub

Say goodbye to email trails, with centralised communication, split by payroll.

Payroll Schedules

Setup payroll schedules with deadline dates and tasks, in minutes.

Query Hub

Log and process payroll queries in line with SLA’s, in one central location.

Teams and Users

Assign payrollers to teams, teams to managers and customers to payrollers.

Customer Portal

Providing visibility of payroll, one portal to submit all changes and log all queries.

White Label

Customise the look of your portal with your company branding.

Book a Demo

Take a look for yourself, and see how Changepen can transform your payroll(s).

One for all

How would Changepen work for you?

Private Companies

Centralise your payroll process with ease.


Streamline your payroll service.
Giving your team time to be customer focused.

Public Sector

Utilise technology to manage payroll.

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