In this modern world everyone wants flexibility and freedom. Mobile apps give us this. Whilst payroll software usually requires you to be at a computer, we’ve designed the Changepen mobile apps with your end users in mind.

We know payroll is not always their number one priority, however by providing them with a simple mobile app they can carry out the majority, if not all, of their payroll tasks.

What issues do we try to tackle with our mobile apps?

We have put our mobile apps at the heart of our platform, in a bid to alleviate common problems found in current payroll operations.

Current methods for send messages and sharing data between end users and your payroll team , often conflict with GDPR law, being the potential cause of issues: such as lost and incorrect data, possibly resulting in heavy fines from HMRC after the payroll is processed.

What can you do on our mobile apps?

Send changes – We allow your users to send all their changes through our mobile app. From an hours change, to salary changes, all of these can be sent to you via the mobile app.

See changes – Your users can check which changes have been processed, and which changes are still pending. Helpful, if a customer wants to confirm if they have sent you a change or not. Plus provides a clear, visible trail of all pay changes submitted.

New starters – have a user who works on-site? They can send their new starters directly to you, wherever they are!

Update the payroll team – Using our workflow you know exactly where each of your payrolls are. By providing your users, and payroll team with an easy way to step through the workflow stages you will know exactly when they are ready for you to run their payroll.

Messages – If you have seen Changepen you know we are big advocates of keeping all payroll information with the payroll itself. Messaging on the go is the perfect way to achieve this, why should payroll messages get lost in an email inbox. Messages can be sent and received from inside the mobile app.

Query Hub – The Query Hub stores all your users questions, this allows anyone running the payroll to see a visible trail of all the communication in one place regarding the query.

Where are our apps available?

We have written two mobile apps: one for IOS and one for Android:

Would you like to see the mobile apps in action? Or perhaps you would just like to see Changepen?

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