You’ve taken the first important step, and you want to know more, so let me get straight to it – Changepen is THE Ultimate Payroll Management Platform, not a payroll engine, for any organisation who runs multiple payrolls, for multiple customers, serviced by a team.

Yes, good tagline, but what does that actually mean …

We are the missing piece between your Customers and your Payroll Team

We developed Changepen to address an issue experienced in many payroll service companies – receiving changes from Customers.

Customer payroll changes are sent to payroll service companies in many formats, via spreadsheets, emails, paper (!), and sometimes called in via the telephone.

Spreadsheets have many benefits. However, how many times have you setup a template, sent it to a Customer, to receive it back in a different format? Plus, what happens if you receive multiple iterations of that spreadsheet throughout any given pay period? How do you know you are working with the most up to date copy?

We have developed our payroll management platform to standardise on the receiving of these changes, via an online portal – accessible from the web or from an app. By signing your payroll service (bureau) up to Changepen you can give your Customers access, allowing them to submit all their payroll changes via the portal.

Why is this better than what you have currently in place?

  • You have ONE place for ALL customer changes.
  • Customers can input changes as and when they need to, via the web or via the iOS and Android app.
  • This gives your team a trail of historic changes too, allowing your payroll team to troubleshoot any queries that may come in.
  • Your payroll team will become more efficient.
  • Your customers will receive a better service.

Are there any other benefits to our payroll management platform?

  • Are your team working from home? How do you know the status of each payroll? We tell you, in our overview screen – every payroll, every status, highlighting where the issues are and what is behind schedule.
  • Payroller going on annual leave? No problem, assign their payrolls to another payroller in your team in a matter of seconds – they have access to all the history, and all the changes.
  • How do your team currently manage payroll queries? Email, phone? Centrally log these through our Query hub – ONE place for ALL payroll queries. Click here to read more on our Query hub.

Why not give our 30-day free trial a go?

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