We have developed your go-to resource to store all pertinent information about each payroll your pay service is responsible for – the payroll handbook.

Ask yourself:

  • How, or where do you store everything you need to know about each Payroll you run? Do you use a variety of methods across your pay service?
  • Do you hold the same information for each Payroll?
    • Is it a scattergun approach, and what you know is what is noted down, and the rest acquired as needed, or stored back in an email trail somewhere?
    • Perhaps it’s just one of those things the payroller knows, therefore is not noted down?
  • How has working remotely affected obtaining this information? Has remote working affected sharing this information?

To ease your woes, we have created a solution to provide a positive answer to every question listed above. Introducing The Payroll Handbook.

The payroll handbook - your fountain of all payroll knowledge, depicted by the book fountain in budapest.

The Payroll Handbook: Your go-to resource.

The Payroll Handbook stores everything your team needs to know about each payroll. Every payroll has its own Handbook, answering all the questions a payroll officer would need to know in order to successfully run that payroll.

The Handbook will ask a series of scripted questions we’ve developed alongside a selection of Payroll Bureau’s. We then provide an area of store any additional notes – this allows you to store those all important quirks that we know some Customers have:

  • Bob Jones always has a paper copy of his pay slip posted out.
  • Imelda Matthews likes a phone call for reassurance, once the BACS payment has been made.

Why is this going to help you? What is this doing to improve your pay service?

Let me tell you why by laying out some examples:

Jane Dickinson (payroll officer) is going on annual leave, what do we need to know from her before she goes?

It’s all written down. Jane has updated all her handbooks with all pertinent information that her colleagues will need in order to complete her payrolls.

As soon as Jane’s payrolls are reassigned, the temporary payroll officer will have visibility of each handbook.

This also allows the temporary payroll officer to update the handbook with any additional information they learn from running this payroll which could be useful for colleagues in the future.

The office has to shut for 7 days effective immediately. Q the remote workforce – agh, all payroll notes are paper based.

Covid! I didn’t want to mention it, but it is part of life. With self-isolation rules for the double-jabbed amongst us easing this may not be something we have to worry about AS much as before, however the last 18 months has taught us ANYTHING can happen.

Our Payroll Handbook is stored in our secure portal, in the cloud making it accessible anytime, anywhere.

Are your workforce working remotely? Find out how Changepen can help.

Fountain of payroll knowledge

Hang on, perhaps this is a better name for the handbook!

This will become one of your most valuable assets in your Payroll Bureau.

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