Payroll Schedules


Helping to automate the payroll processing period

Create payroll schedules for all payrolls, fundamental to the payroll processing timeline.  The schedules can be produced for one period or for multiple, agreed between the payroller and the customer.

Ensures delivery of payrolls on-time, every time

Create Schedules

Changepen is built around the payroll schedules set in the system for each payroll, providing automation throughout the payroll processing period.  Email notifications are sent advising customers they need to submit changes and to sign off their payroll.


Schedules drive the Payroll Overview dashboard

The schedules are used to drive the payroll overview dashboard, to provide an instant overview of each payroll, and the various stages they are at in the payroll cycle.

Automated Notifications

Changepen uses four payroll stages with tasks set against each stage.  These tasks form a payroll timeline driving email notifications at various points reminding customers they need to complete certain payroll actions by key dates.


Deliver every payroll, accurately and on-time.


Want to reduce the time you spend on Payroll?

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