Payroll Overview


Instant visibility of every payroll

One view showing every payroll, instantly.  Highlights what payrolls have missed their key processing dates, and what requires the most urgent action.  

See the status of every payroll, anytime

Payrolls at a glance

Designed to give the Manager / Head of payroll, the ability to see all payrolls at a glance, providing them with the latest status of each payroll.  Easily identify if a payroll is falling behind.  A vital feature with more remote working teams.


Multiple levels of access

Display the pertinent information required on your payrolls:

  • Head of Payroll has access to all payrolls that the bureau is responsible for, enabling this user to see the status of all payroll in relation to their payroll schedule.
  • Payroll (Team) Manager has access to all payrolls that his team is responsible, and enables them to see which team member is responsible for which payroll.
  • Payroller has access to all payrolls that they are responsible for and the related tasks in line with the payroll schedule.
  • Customer portal gives the customer access, ensuring that they can see their payrolls and the progress against tasks.

Home / Remote Working?

Total visibility of the teams progress and the status of every payroll, all at the click of the button.  Accessible anywhere, anytime.


Instant visibility of every payrolls’ current status.


Want to reduce the time you spend on Payroll?

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