The CIPP’s National Payroll Week 2021 is taking place from 6-10 September 2021, so we figured there is no better time to run a series of webinars to highlight how Changepen can help your payroll bureau.

We are running two webinars to provide an introduction to Changepen, plus address some of those hot topics for how payroll will look going forward as we continue to see a shift in the workforce choosing to work from home, plus from the office.

Underpin your payroll bureau with a management platform

An introduction to Changepen, and how using our management platform can create structure, lower costs, improve efficiency and quality leading to excellence in customer service.

Tuesday 7th September at 3pm

Supporting your payroll bureau in 2022

Provide your managers and clients with visibility of payrolls to support remote working teams

Thursday 9th September at 3pm

We look forward to welcoming you, make sure you grab a fresh coffee and get ready to be immersed in 20 minutes of payroll-packed fun!

If you have seen anything in our webinars, that you would like to see again, or if you want to see more of the product send an email to