It’s May 1st. The country is in lockdown. Changepen is LAUNCHING.

Changepen is the Ultimate Pay Service Management tool. Designed to improve efficiency and accuracy within a pay service operation.

What is Changepen?

Changepen is a cloud-based management platform, to improve the accuracy and efficiency of your payroll service through structured data capture, workflows and process automation. The application is designed for payroll service organisations to manage their operations, their teams, and processes through a single platform. The application has a client portal which enables clients to provide change data to their payroll team in a secure and structured way ensuring the data capture complies with GDPR legislation. The client will have visibility of the payroll process and status of the payroll process through the portal and via mobile technology.

Who are we?

Changepen Ltd is a start-up business formed in April 2020. The company has 3 founder directors all of whom have a background in payroll and software development.
The idea to create a payroll management platform was driven by Simon based on his experience of managing and consulting in payroll service operations. The payroll services operations have a lot of manual based processes and rely heavily on spreadsheets and emails for communication.
Sarah has previously developed HR and Payroll software, before working on several software projects for a large payroll bureau giving her a solid understanding of payroll processes. This experience has been invaluable when architecting the Changepen product.
Andrew has used his creative development experience to design an intuitive and simple user interface on both the web and mobile app.