Emails? Spreadsheets? Paper? Maybe even Sticky Notes? We recently ran a survey, and found most pay bureau’s are using a combination of emails and spreadsheets.

This is a headache we have heard many payrollers and pay bureau’s discuss at length. So, the question to ask yourself is how are you tracking payroll queries and issues? Is it time for a change, a change to streamline the efficiency of your bureau, improve customer service, and raise staff morale? We believe, we have the solution for tracking payroll queries and issues.

Introducing our new Query Hub

Our platform has been designed for payrollers, by payrollers. From the team behind Changepen, to the organisations we’ve worked with to develop our product we have experienced first hand the frustrations many have when it comes to running payrolls.

As with most things in life, there are always questions. In payroll this is part of the job – answering queries from Customers whether it be:

  • John’s salary payment was £2.23 different this month, why?
  • Lisa’s tax code changed last month, and it’s not on this month’s payslip, why?
  • Mo should have had a bonus payment last month, but it’s missing from his pay slip – why?
  • Rishi is on flexible furlough and worked 12 hours – I don’t agree with the calculation. Can you explain how this was calculated?
  • Andrea has been deducted a student loan payment when she shouldn’t have been. Why?
How are you tracking payroll queries and issues? Is this causing you a headache?

Do these sound familiar?


Combine these regular queries, and now added Furlough (!) queries, questions and many pay service organisations are really feeling the strain of trying to keep on top of the volume coming in. Even more so when emails are used to track and trace such queries.

Query Hub helps reduce that strain, and ease that Furlough induced headache.

How? Let me tell you through use of an example…

John who runs “Carpentry Is Us” believes one of his employee’s is missing a bonus payment, which should have been paid last month.

John can login to Changepen and raise a ticket against his Payroll, detailing this issue. (Or, if John was on his way to a job, he could call his Payroller, Eliza, who will log the query on this behalf). Once logged, Eliza can begin her investigations as to where this missing commission payment is.

Uh Oh, Eliza is going on leave tomorrow, who will deal with this in her absence?

No problem, 3 clicks (equating to approximately 5 seconds) to re-assign the “Carpentry Is Us” Payroll to Anish, the Payroller assigned to oversee Eliza’s customers during her leave. This gives Anish instant access to the payroll’s history and open tickets. No more:

  • Cursing as you can’t access Eliza’s email inbox which contained the pertinent information for the “Carpentry Is Us” payroll run.
  • OR, on obtaining access to the emails – no more trawling through various trails to track down when the bonus payment was first mentioned.


So, what’s in the Query Hub:

  • Ability to set SLAs per ticket, customised to your bureau
  • Ability to set different statuses on a query, customised to your bureau
  • Quick filter to see all open / on hold / closed queries
  • Quick reassignment of queries if required
  • Manager overview of all queries in their team
  • Admin overview of all queries in their bureau

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