What is it?

The Health and Social Care Levy is a temporary tax that will be introduced to all employees in the UK on the 6th April 2022. It is currently expected to end on 5th April 2023 and has been introduced to compensate for the extra health spending through the COVID-19 pandemic.

What does it mean for me?

Simple… any eligible individual (employer/employee/self-employed worker) who is liable to pay National Insurance contributions will pay an extra 1.25 percentage points; meaning your NI payments will increase.

What can employers do to support my employees?

  • Encourage your employees to take the time to read their payslips.
  • Inform Employees that the increased NI will take place in time for the start of the new tax year.
  • Allow employees to raise questions and queries directly to your payroll team…

How can Changepen’s Employee Self Service help?

Give your employees a secure portal to speak to your payroll team directly. Employee self service allows employees to raise a query directly, add their questions and concerns. This allows your dedicated payroller to pick up the query so you as an employer don’t have to. Queries no doubt will increase as the new tax year kick starts, remove the stress, and ensure the information they receive is reassuring, relevant and up to date all while secured in a cloud-based portal – no lost emails and no slow response time.

For any additional information on changes that will effect you, always check out the HMRC website (www.gov.uk)