The government promised to strengthen flexible working laws in the Tory manifesto in 2019 and the pandemic has accelerated the shift to home working arrangements.

Combine the pandemic with the current petrol crisis – and just as employees were starting to get back to the office, or adopt a hybrid, remote / office working pattern, we are being pushed to be back at home to avoid the disruption

Does your business have the relevant systems in place to support a payroll flexible working team?

With the laws likely to change giving employees the ability to express remote working or a hybrid of remote and office-based there is a huge need to provide your teams with the correct tools to support their roles.

What we know based on the past

Historically payroll service companies that are running multiple payrolls for multiple clients have relied on paper-based processes and excel and emails as their main business tools to support their and run their payrolls businesses.

This has highlighted several inefficiencies, compliance issues and a lack of visibility for payroll service companies and is forcing companies to rapidly introduce systems, but whilst there are several payroll processing software packages available there is very little choice for systems to run the operation.

This is forcing payroll to look at project management, task management and some practice management solution to solve their current challenges and these are all disparate systems that only cover one piece of bureau management.

Changepen supports your Flexible Working Teams

Changepen has been developed for the payroll industry to support payroll teams and provide management with an up-to-date position of their payroll processing operation.

The platform provides the payroller with a single application that will track payrolls, queries, tasks and provide a single overview of all payrolls that is accessible via desktop and mobile devices.

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