Category: Introduction

Yes. Changepen does integrate with cloud based technologies that have API capabilities. We do offer file export functionality too, for payroll softwares without API capabilities.

Category: Introduction

No. Changepen is a payroll services management platform that compliments your payroll software. It provides workflow, task management, document storage and a client portal to enhance your customer experience.

Category: Introduction

Changepen will provide you with a central management tool for your payroll service, with all information stored against the clients payroll.


Category: Infrastructure

The databases are stored in the UK, yes. Some of the applications and services reside on servers hosted in Western Europe. Backups are stored in other regions, as part of a more full proof disaster recovery plan.

Category: Infrastructure

Yes. Changepen is a true multi-tenanted application, hosted in the Cloud.

Being cloud based, brings better security, limitless resource and allows us to constantly use the latest technologies.

Category: Infrastructure

In the cloud, on the Microsoft Azure.

We trust Azure to host Changepen, due to its proactive approach to security and compliance, plus its built to be “future-ready”, meaning limitless scalability.


Category: Functionality

Yes. Changepen provides predefined alerts based on the payroll timeline.

Further alerting functionality will be available in Spring 2023.


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