Payroll software

Regardless of whether you’re a large business with over 500 employees, a small business with 20 employees or a payroll service managing multiple companies choosing the right payroll software is highly important. Picking the right payroll software is not only beneficial to you, but in the majority of cases is also helpful to your employees or clients. Unfortunately, there is not a ‘this will do everything solution’ but by knowing the features that apply to your requirements the most, you will save not only time but effort in the day to day running of your payroll/s.

Some questions that you should consider before selecting a payroll software:

  • What is your payroll budget?
  • Will you be running multiple payrolls?
  • How many employees do you have?
  • Do you need to print out payslips?
  • Who will administer the payroll, or will you have multiple users?
  • How ‘technically savvy’ are you?
  • Do you need a standalone payroll software, or could you take advantage of the many cloud software providers?
  • If running a bureau, will one payroll software offering “fit all”? Or do you need to consider multiple providers?

Other things that you should consider:

Customer service

We have all been there. Stuck on a phone for hours and hours listening to terrible hold music whilst waiting to speak someone. Look at how you can get in contact with the support team, is it via phone, email or do they have a live chat system. You want to be assured that should something go wrong or if you need assistance then you can get the help you need quickly. Look at review websites, such as Trustpilot, and see what customers are saying about the service they have received.


This item is probably one of the most important. We all want value for money and why should our payroll software be any different. Prices can very from under £50 to hundreds of pounds depending on the service provided, the number of payrolls run, the number of users and any additional features that the system provides. This link gives an idea of the rough costs of some payroll software providers in the UK. When looking you should remember that cheaper doesn’t always mean better. Especially if the software can save you time in terms of processing or running jobs automatically for you.


Why jump in when you can dip a toe? Get a trial of the software you want to look at. You need to be checking that the software is useable by you. Ask yourself questions such as:

  1. Is it easy to navigate?
  2. Can I easily find the options and features that I want?
  3. How would it work for my employees or clients?

Easy to use

Leading on from the trial, the ease of use is highly important. Especially if it is not going to be just you using the software. Not everyone is proficient with computers, would they be able to use this software easily. Is it intuitive? Does it run some processes automatically for you, saving you time in the process?


If it’s not easy to use, does the company provide training on their software? Or do they have a series of videos or a tutorial that you could follow to learn the software quickly? Be wary of sales people pushing there software to only leave you to ‘get on with it’ once they have made their sale.


Will you need to provide access to employees or customers? Determine what access is available. The use of cloud payroll software or technology that allows for reports and payslips to be viewed online, not only saves printing costs and carbon footprints, but also allows for a higher level of security and GDPR compliance (no more lost payslips). With the world moving to a remote/hybrid situation, using a cloud payroll software allows for greater access, whilst allowing any additional users the ability to access the software remotely.

Safe and private

GDPR is still the most important and hottest topic in the world of payroll. With huge fines being delivered all the time. Where is your payroll data stored? Is it kept in the UK? How secure is the access to the software?


This isn’t so much a payroll software item to look out for, but more a business mannerism. Speak to other professionals in your area. Find out what they are using, if they would recommend it. Nothing better than having a personal recommendation from someone with first hand experience of the software.

Changepen doesn’t depend on a particular payroll software, whether you are using a single payroll software or running multiple payroll software in a bureau, it is designed to sit on top of any of them. Allowing you to securely manage your payroll with all the tooling needed to run an accurate and timely payroll service. One of Changepen’s greatest assets is should you ever need to change payroll software in the future, all your data will be kept with the payroll and not with the payroll software you are moving from. This also means employees and clients will know no different and will not have to re-learn software, to see our video overview click here.

Regardless of the software you use, be sure to check that not only it meets your needs but also think about your future needs. Think about your company’s growth and how this will affect certain areas of your payroll software. You may be lucky enough to find a solution that suits all your needs, however if this isn’t the case it’s also worth looking at additions you can make with other software to complement it. Be sure to keep client testimonials and software users at the forefront of you mind.