Sometimes in life we continue to do the same thing, day in day out as that is what we are used to doing. That is what is familiar. It’s what is comfortable.

Payroll is no different. Is it time to look at what could be done differently? Have you thought about using technology to make your pay service more efficient, and adopting a payroll bureau management platform ?

Stick with familiar. Stay with what is comfortable.

For years organisations have processed payrolls on behalf of others. These organisations – be they payroll bureau’s, accountants, book-keepers – have communicated with their Customers via a variety of medium’s – paper, post-it note, telephone calls, emails and spreadsheets. Customers have communicated their payroll changes using a variety of these methods, and this fast became the norm.

When was the last time you had to search back through a list of emails, trying to track down if that Bonus payment was due in this months pay run, or next?

When was the last time you looked at two spreadsheets, both named the same, not versioned, checking row by row to figure out which was the latest copy to use for the current pay run?

How much time has been spent performing these time consuming tasks? This is the norm though, and that’s what we know, so why would I change?

Why Change?

To better the service you offer to your Customers. To reduce the amount of time spent trawling back through emails and iterations of a spreadsheet. To improve efficiency within your pay service organisation? Is that not the power of technology – using it for better?

This is why you didn’t know you needed Changepen … but you do now!

Changepen addresses all of these issues (and many many more, but we’ll cover those in another post).

Changepen has a secure Changes portal. This changes portal can be used directly by Customers, to upload their payroll changes into. The Pay Service is then able to view these changes:

  • What type of Change
  • The detail of the Change
  • When the Change is to become effective
  • Who the change relates to

With this information, the pay service can process the change when appropriate (depending on the pay engine used by the payroll, this can be done in the click of a button too … again, we will cover this in another post).

So, what is Changepen? The payroll bureau management platform

Changepen is a comprehensive payroll bureau management platform, providing a real time overview of a bureau anytime, anywhere. It improves efficient and accuracy within a pay service, turning teams from data processors into customer-centric advisors, who can focus on quality.

Changepen will provide the data to manage a bureau more effectively.

Want to know more?

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