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The idea for Changepen came when consulting in a variety of Payroll Bureau’s.  Each one had the same challenges, regardless of size (the size just exaggerated the problem in some cases).  The challenges:

  • Getting data in a consistent format from their Client base.
  • Having a clear picture of where each payroll was, in their schedule.
  • Being able to easily identify which payrolls needed urgent attention, to ensure no deadlines were missed.
  • Centrally storing queries raised by the Clients.

Each bureau had these same pain points, and no easy or obvious way to resolve them.  Some had implemented various practice software, but these were not specific to the needs of the payroll industry.

Whether you want to use Changepen as an internal payroll management tool, or use Changepen externally with your client base, this is how we can help you bureau.

Never miss a payroll deadline again

We are all only human (well most of us), and we make mistakes. Some mistakes you can bounce back from quickly, others less so. Within your payroll service, have you missed payroll deadlines:

Forgotten to follow-up a customer for sign-off of their payroll reports, before sending the BACS file?

Forgotten to resubmit a failed pension submission?

With our inbuilt workflows, we keep track of your progress for each and every payroll, reminding you when tasks are due (and overdue) to ensure you never miss a payroll deadline again.

What’s more, you can give your clients full visibility of each step in the payroll process to ensure they don’t miss important payroll deadlines too, to ensure their payroll is delivered on-time and every time.

Dealing with Payroll Queries

Each client will receive questions from their staff regarding their payslips.  If they’ve outsourced their payroll, these questions will come to you.

How do you manage and track progress of each open query?

If you are relying on email trails, whether in a shared inbox, or individual email accounts – this can be hard work to keep on-top of. It is easy to miss replies, or “file” them incorrectly.


Changepen has an in-built Query Hub, allowing your clients’ (and even their staff if you wish) to log payroll queries direct with your team. Store all correspondence with the client against the query, assign the query to a given member of staff, or even escalate the query to a managing member of staff. Our Query Hub will ensure you never loose a payroll query again. PLUS, as each query is closed off, retain a structured history for your team to refer back to at any point.

Store all detail against a Payroll, and not with an individual

Some payrolls are straight-forward and simple. Others have “quirks”. No longer rely on an individual within your payroll service team to remember those quirks, and log them against the payroll itself. That way, when the payroll moves to a different team member next month to cater for holidays or sickness within the team, all that information transfers with it thanks for our Payroll Handbook.

Store notes, calculations, or the fact the caretaker avoids technology, and still likes to receive a good old fashioned, printed payslip … and much much more to ensure your team knows the payroll to the best of their knowledge at any given time.

We’d love to tell you more about Changepen, and see if it can help address the pain points in your bureau.

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