Payroll knows it needs to change but changing systems and processes is not a quick exercise when you have a deadline every week, or every month, for 12 months of every year! Basically the wheel keeps on turning (a Tina Turner Classic!) giving little time to resolve or change historic processes.

At Changepen we have been listening and receiving feedback as to how we can help organisations start making small changes to remove some of the most time consuming and critical elements of the payroll cycle. We started by looking at how data can be captured in the format that it is required to enable it to be imported directly into your payroll software, which would negate the need to do a payroll system change.

Flexible Change Forms

We have developed the ability through our customer portals for organisations to create custom forms for all payroll changes they need to capture. The list is endless and these can be made available to your clients.

This ensures you can capture the data required in a secure, structured way that will remove the need for manual manipulation when you receive the data. These forms can be used for timesheets, expenses, payments after leaving, car allowance and the list goes on…

Exporting the changes for Upload

You can download all changes or specific changes ready for upload into your payroll software. We believe by changing your focus of your payroll team the time can be spent more efficiently and effectively rather than spending hours manipulating data into the correct formats. It could be that you restructure your team and the payrollers focus on payroll and this part of the process is undertaken by a data person.

We believe that the wheels will turn faster!

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