Make scheduling Christmas payrolls a thing of the past and start using scheduling payrolls with matching resourcing and staff holidays a central tool in your payroll bureau.

Its that time of year when the team are all looking to use up their holiday entitlement and clients haven’t even considered the December payroll schedule yet. This is an annual occurrence and yet it always gets left to the last minute and there is then a huge pressure on the payroll teams to manage the busy payroll processing in a short month.

Why do the schedules get left to the last minute to get updated?

Many payroll bureaus manage their payroll calendars on excel, in calendars, on white boards or verbally with clients. All of these are labor intensive manual tasks to update and when you have a large number of payrolls to run this is very time consuming.

Time to change this and start planning for key events in the year!

Do you have a clear overview of your payroll schedules that are online and visible to your payroll team and the client?

Scheduling payrolls

At Changepen we have been busy making our payroll schedules module more flexible for payroll bureau’s to ensure that we can make the process of scheduling simple and flexible to provide an instant overview of when payrolls will be run. It is also an excellent tool to review your resourcing to ensure that you have the relevant payrollers available at the correct time.

We have added the following functionality to the scheduling module

  • Ability to amend a single months schedule
  • Ability to delete all future schedules
  • Ability to add to an existing schedule of dates

Move your payroll bureau forward with the Changepen scheduling module