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Who are Changepen?

We are disrupting the payroll space!

Changepen Ltd is a tech start up company that has authored a Payroll service management tool aimed at automating and standardising processes within a payroll service operation. We believe this is the first application of its kind and will be ideally suited to office and remote workforces as the payroll managers would be able to have an overview of all payrolls within their pay service operation and have an instant understanding of the stage each payroll is at within the pay cycle.

Key Concepts

The application is a true cloud software as a service application that provides clients with a portal to upload the payroll change data in a consistent format to the payroll service team. The application provides management functionality for the pay services to set payroll schedules, allocate payrolls to teams, provides the client with an online payroll schedule and a message hub. The application will remove the need for spreadsheets and emails which will improve the security of data and compliance through its fully audited functionality.

We will be looking to work with cloud payroll software companies to develop API connectivity between Changepen and the payroll software which will provide true end to end automation and enable the payroll teams move from data entry to payroll compliance and legislation specialists. This will improve efficiency and quality within their payroll operations.

The application offers full white label functionality so we will be looking to establish a partner program and network which will enhance the opportunity to get Changepen embedded into as many payroll service operations as possible.

The application has been developed in conjunction with an HRIS consultancy and a payroll services business and they will be the first customer of the application, they will commence using the platform from May 2020. We will be targeting payroll service companies, accountants and software companies offering payroll services to multiple clients.


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